What makes Skypole different?

Choosing a company to clean the windows of your business or home is not simply a matter of price. Here are the benefits that SkyPole can offer to a company seeking professional window cleaning services:

  • Environmentally Friendly
    We don’t use harmful chemicals or detergents, and won’t harm your landscaping!

  • Zero Property Damage
    We don’t use ladders, so there will be no damage to your window sills, stucco, brick or other exterior surfaces.

  • Safety
    Safety is a huge concern for most businesses. While we are fully insured, the very manner of our window cleaning ensures safety, as we always work from the ground.

  • Privacy
    We won’t be looking in the windows – again, we’re on the ground!

  • A More Thorough Clean
    Traditional window cleaners clean just one portion of the window – the glass. We clean the entire window and surrounding area (including frames, signs, awning, and even walls if necessary), so your windows stay cleaner, longer.

  • Greater Efficiency
    Since we’re not wasting time with ladders or ropes, we can deliver a better clean in less time.

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