Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a serious investment you need to protect. Proper cleaning of solar panels can prolong their life expectancy and increase efficiency, but should always be done in an extremely cautious manner.

That’s where SkyPole comes in. We have the proper resources and extensive knowledge to help maintain the functionality of your solar panels.

Maintain the longevity of your investment with SkyPole’s complete Solar Panel Cleaning Services.

Importance of Solar Panel Maintenance 

Due to pollution, solar panels are very prone to dirt build up. The accumulated dusts are hard to clean from these panels because of their angled structure.

The following are some of the dirt and debris that might sit on your solar panels:

  • Smog and ash
  • Moss and fungus
  • Saps, pollens, and other debris from trees
  • Birds and animal droppings
  • Pesticides and fertilizer sprays (in agricultural areas)
  • Commercial and industrial residues
  • Pollution from vehicles and heavy transportations

Statistics show that these dirt and debris affect the efficiency of solar panels by 10%. Utilize SkyPole’s expertise to make sure that your solar panels will last for years.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

SkyPole’s maintenance procedures involve cleaning the solar panels with efficiency and the use of safe methods. Our cleaning experts work from the ground without the use of clunky ladders. This guarantees that your solar panels will not attain any damages or cracks when heavy ladders are pushed against them. This might ultimately affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services do not only protect your panels, but also help prevent you from spending more on repairs or replacement. Our comprehensive maintenance program simply enhances the functionality of your solar panels.

The Cleaning Experts You Can Trust!

SkyPole boosts the performance of your solar panels to its highest potential. Our cleaning coverage will only extend the vitality of your systems.

We have been in operations for over 25 years. We’ve continuously shown dedication and expertise in every project that comes our way. We always place our clients on top of our priority list, truly committed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our Solar Panel Cleaning Services, as well as other Roof Cleaning Services we offer by calling us at (416) 727-6936. If you have any questions, our highly knowledgeable cleaning experts are ready to help you. You can also contact us to receive a free price quote.

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