Condo / Townhouse Window Cleaning

Why can you trust SkyPole for your condo and townhouse window cleaning?

  • A More Thorough Clean

    We don’t just clean the glass, but also the frames, signs, doors, etc. When cleaning a window the conventional way only the glass gets cleaned, with SkyPole everything gets cleaned including stucco and siding.

  • Zero Property Damage

    We don’t use ladders, so there’s no risk of exterior damage. Ladders and other equipment can cause damage to a property when continually moved and placed on the working area or window sills. Our lightweight poles and brushes are made from carbon-fibre and will not damage your building. Ladders can also make a mess of landscaping, but with SkyPole this just does not happen.

  • More Cost-Effective

    Our unique technology enables us to be more efficient than traditional window washers, thus saving you money.

  • Privacy

    We’re cleaning from the ground, there’s no one looking in your windows! There can be nothing more intrusive than someone looking through your window when you are least expecting it. With our pole-based window cleaning system, we ensure as much privacy as possible.

  • Decades of Experience

    We deal with many property management companies, and clean thousands of townhouses and condos. SkyPole takes pride in how we deal with customers on-site, we know how important having a good representation for any property manager is.

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